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Women’s ICC T20 drained in Rain

Yesterday’s cricket match ICC T20 Women’s cup was very unfavorable for India team as the rain knocks the door of their winning.


One might say after watching the whole match of India and Pakistan that it was slightly difficult for India to win that match. But the team India came into form in their last few overs before the rain enters the premises and flushed out the whole Firoz shah Kotla stadium. Delhi was expecting a slight rain according to weather forecast but people didn’t know that it would enter with a defeat of Indian girls in that match. Well No doubt, Pakistani fielders were amazing. They stood at their exact position where the ball supposed to come. Don’t know how they did that kind of maths but that was just brilliant. Also their reaction speed was quite good. One might wonder that I’m an Indian and why I’m saying good about the Pakistan. I’m just trying not to be one sided. As the talent should get the equal appreciation even if it’s about the opposite rival team. But there’s no doubt with Indian team also that they were playing slightly slow in their first few overs. Well if I tell you the truth, you might wanna remove that “slight” word from that previous statement cuz starting was very bad. Although the Indian fans were just Amazing as usual. Cheering up to their heights. Some People were even distributing free Indian flags, ribbons and bands to give the full support to their country. After raining all were waiting for the match to start once again as it was stuck with a score of 75 from till that over where Pakistan scored 77 on that particular score. And as the match was supposed to end on 6.50 p.m. and the pitch was ready to roll the bats once again at 6.51 p.m. But as the time has exceeded the scheduled time due to rain. Pakistan declared as Winner of the match. Overall quite an experience it was the whole match.



GITS Sports Fiesta 2k16

Firstly I thought that I should write up something for this 4 day event happened in a college known by GITS Udaipur situated in Rajasthan, India but after going through all the events and tournaments of different sports including outdoor as well as indoor it just become too much difficult for me to merge up the whole scenario in few words cuz these 4 days were filled with too much of Sports related events and some were worth watching and recording too. So Basically I just recorded the whole Event inside my camera with the help of a friend. Because we always need a different angle of a same scenario to make it even better. So using my friend’s directing skills and merging my editing and photography skills we finally created a Short film kind of thing truly dedicated to that event. And yeah, in that video we have used a very well known song which is heard by I guess every Sports lover as well as music lover. Well that I’ll leave it as Suspense and just let you people watch this whole video. It got some funny, crazy, serious, winning, loosing. In short, all types of emotions we face in a Sport.


GITS Sports Fiesta 2K16 from 3o4 Productions on Vimeo.

Mark Zuckerberg live from Germany!

Mark Zuckerberg live conference from Germany.

You know what’s an awesome feeling?
It’s just that when you’re not able to go to such places like Germany to meet or attend someone like Mark Zuckerberg ongoing seminar but still there’s one thing you can do is watch them speaking live on your mobile phones by just sitting anywhere any place you want. As you can see on the photo that there were around 284K constant viewers and in total there were 1.7 million viewers.

Some of you guys might be wondering that Why on this earth he’s sharing a screenshot on his blog and describing all about that. But It’s just an awesome feeling which is difficult to describe. Watching and listening him live was such an amazing experience and it was the second live even in a row as there was an event happened yesterday too.

Some topics were very nice.. regarding people’s personal security on Facebook with private photos being used publicly without their permission, or topics like how will Facebook be using Artificial Intelligence in future and the last one which was feeling a 360˚ Virtual Reality option during a live event just like this one in a way which makes you pretend to be a part of that audience. On the other hand, there were some issues & scenarios like that of relationship between his daughter and dog, also one with the dislike button just made people laugh. And also there were some adorable questions for Mark asking his experience of being a Father. And some inspiring questions like How he manages his time even after roaming around the world meeting different people and all.

It was overall an amazing 1 hour event Live from Germany. And I hope to see him again in future! 🙂

And at last I got this photo of two doggies taking a selfie on my screen with the Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg. Damn that part was Crazy! 😜

Thanks for watching!